Persistent identification for life science data

The MIRIAM Registry provides a set of online services for the generation of unique and perennial identifiers, in the form of URIs. It provides the core data which is used by

The core of the Registry is a catalogue of data collections (corresponding to controlled vocabularies, databases, ...), their URIs and the corresponding physical URLs (or resources). These resources are monitored daily to ensure data accessibility and the validity of the resolution mechanism.

Access to the Registry's dataset is made available via exports (XML and RDF) and Web Services (SOAP and REST).

All provided data and services are free for use by all.

Latest publication and MIRIAM Registry: community resources to provide persistent identification.
Juty N., Le Novère N., Laibe C.
Nucleic Acids Research. 2012; 40 (Database issue): D580-D586
Registry statistics
Data collections:
602 (617)
746 (819)
Last update:
Oct 18, 2017
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Jul 19, 2017
August 2013
The Registry now provides a dataset descriptor and RDF representations of the whole Registry and individual data collections (in RDF/XML and Turtle formats). Read more...
July 2013 and its Registry now highlight the "primary resource" for data collections. Read more...
June 2013
Presentation " practical integration tool for heterogeneous datasets" at the BioHackathon 2013 Symposium in Tokyo, Japan (slides, PDF)