Submit data

We provide a free service for submission of raw metagenomics sequence data and associated metadata to the European Nucleotide Archive (ENA) and analysis by MGnify.

If you have data that you wish to have analysed, you need an ENA submitter account that has been registered with the MGnify. This allows us to track your submitted data and ensures that we have consent to access it for analysis.

With a valid ENA submitter account, you can submit your data directly using the ENA Webin tool, which will help you describe your metadata and upload your sequence data.

Once your reads are uploaded to ENA, navigate to the home page, click 'Submit and/or Request' and complete the form to request an analysis with MGnify. You will receive an email once the analysis starts and another when the analysis of all samples is complete (view figure for more details of the submission and analysis process). The analysis time is dependent on the number of samples submitted and requests by other submitters at the time. If your samples are private, you will need to log in to MGnify to be able to view the results of the analysis.