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Project overview (ERP001979)

Metagenomic study of the virome of African straw-colored fruit bats

Last updated: 18-Feb-2014


Viral emergence as a result of zoonotic transmission constitutes a continuous public health threat. Emerging viruses such as SARS Coronavirus, Hantaviruses and Henipaviruses have a wildlife animal reservoir. Characterizing the viral flora of candidate reservoir species in geographical areas identified as hot spots for viral emergence is a sensible approach to develop tools to predict, prevent or contain emergence events. Here, we explored the viral flora of Eidolon helvum, an Old World fruit bat species widely distributed in Africa that lives in close proximity to humans. We identified a great abundance and diversity of novel herpes and papillomaviruses, described the isolation of a novel adenovirus, and detected, for the first time, sequences of a chiropteran poxvirus that are closely related to a human contagion. In sum, E. helvum display a wide variety of mammalian viruses, some of them genetically similar to known human pathogens, highlighting the possibility of zoonotic transmission.

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Robert Davey

Associated samples

Sample name Sample ID Collection date Source
African Straw-Coloured Fruit Bat urine sample ERS195142 ERS195142 - Host associated
African Straw-Coloured Fruit Bat urine sample ERS195141 ERS195141 - Host associated
African Straw-Coloured Fruit Bat urine sample ERS195140 ERS195140 - Host associated

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