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Sample overview (ERS487899)

TARA_20090915T1130Z_004_EVENT_PUMP_P_S_(5 m)_BACT_NUC-DNA(100L)_W0.22-1.6_TARA_X000000263


This sample (TARA_X000000263) was collected during the Tara Oceans expedition (2009-2013) at station TARA_004 (latitudeN=36.5533, longitudeE=-6.5669) on date/time=2009-09-15T11:30, using a PUMP (High Volume Peristaltic Pump). The sample material (saline water (ENVO:00002010), including plankton (ENVO:xxxxxxxx)) was collected at a depth of 3-7 m, targeting a surface water layer (ENVO:00002042) in the marine biome (ENVO:00000447). The sample was size-fractionated (0.22-1.6 micrometres), and stored in liquid nitrogen for later detection of prokaryote nucleic acid sequences by pyrosequencing methods, and for later metagenomics analysis. This sample has replicate sample(s): TARA_X000000264.

Environmental > Aquatic > Marine > Oceanic

Environmental conditions

marine biome (ENVO:00000447)
Experimental feature:
surface water layer (ENVO:00002042)
"saline water (ENVO:00002010), including plankton (ENVO:xxxxxxxx)"


36.5533 , -6.5669

Sample metadata

Associated runs

Run id Pipeline version Experiment type Analysis date Analysis results
ERR599003 2.0 metagenomic 17/03/2015 Taxonomy | Function |
ERR598955 2.0 metagenomic 17/03/2015 Taxonomy | Function |

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