Bifidobacterium catenulatum

Taxonomy database identifier: 1686
Superkingdom Bacteria
Phylum Firmicutes
Class Actinobacteria
Subclass Actinobacteridae
Order Bifidobacteriales
Family Bifidobacteriaceae
Genus Bifidobacterium
Species catenulatum
Peptidase View peptidase sequences from Bifidobacterium catenulatum
Count of known and putative peptidases: 25, non-peptidase homologues 3
Completely sequences genomes from subspecies and strains Protein coding genes

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Clan Family MEROPS ID Peptidase or homologue (subtype) MERNUM Gene Link Locus Megabases
AC A8 unassigned family A8 unassigned peptidases MER0194117 lspA BIFCAT_00424
AD A24 non-peptidase homologue subfamily A24A non-peptidase homologues MER0642892 BBCT_0750
CA C1 C01.086 aminopeptidase C MER0429430 BIFCAT_00784
CA C1 C01.086 aminopeptidase C MER0429431 BIFCAT_00785
CA C1 unassigned subfamily C1B unassigned peptidases MER0229496 BIFCAT_00602
CA C1 unassigned subfamily C1B unassigned peptidases MER1166714
CA C1 unassigned subfamily C1B unassigned peptidases MER0293360 BIFCAT_01606
CF C15 non-peptidase homologue family C15 non-peptidase homologues MER0292588 BIFCAT_01608
CL C60 C60.007 sortase C1 (Streptococcus sp.) MER0329697
CL C60 unassigned subfamily C60A unassigned peptidases MER0329787 BIFCAT_00126
CO C40 unassigned family C40 unassigned peptidases MER0453794 BIFCAT_01300
G- G5 unassigned family G5 unassigned peptidases MER0938725 BBCT_0169/BIFCAT_01703
MA M1 M01.009 aminopeptidase N (actinomycete-type) MER0334650
MA M13 unassigned family M13 unassigned peptidases MER0175857 BIFCAT_01377
MA M41 unassigned family M41 unassigned peptidases MER0175807 BIFCAT_01324
MA M48 unassigned subfamily M48B unassigned peptidases MER0349286 BIFCAT_00097
MG M24 M24.033 aminopeptidase P (Streptomyces-type) MER0167130 BIFCAT_00465
MG M24 unassigned subfamily M24A unassigned peptidases MER0395522 BIFCAT_01378
MH M20 non-peptidase homologue family M20 non-peptidase homologues MER0848379 dapE
MH M20 unassigned family M20D unassigned peptidases MER0167176 BIFCAT_00572
MH M20 unassigned family M20 unassigned peptidases MER0853526 BBCT_1057
PA S1 S01.494 Htra2 peptidase (Mycobacterium-type) MER0408623 BIFCAT_00092
PB C44 C44.003 glutamate synthase (NADPH) large chain MER0458980 BIFCAT_00915
PB C44 non-peptidase homologue family C44 non-peptidase homologues MER0458981 BIFCAT_01398
PB C59 C59.951 choloylglycine hydrolase MER0330045 BIFCAT_00793
PB C69 C69.001 dipeptidase A MER0229451 BIFCAT_01724
PB C69 C69.001 dipeptidase A MER0313641 BIFCAT_00154
PB T2 unassigned family T2 unassigned peptidases MER0306986
PC C26 C26.957 GMP synthase MER0440253 BIFCAT_00992
PC C26 C26.959 TRP3 protein MER0436088 BIFCAT_00073
PC C26 C26.964 CTP synthetase MER0450891 BIFCAT_00964
PC C26 unassigned family C26 unassigned peptidases MER0450724
PC C26 unassigned family C26 unassigned peptidases MER0448800 BIFCAT_00431
PC C26 unassigned family C26 unassigned peptidases MER0446879 BIFCAT_01677
PC C26 unassigned family C26 unassigned peptidases MER0443605 BIFCAT_01835
PE T5 unassigned family T5 unassigned peptidases MER0380717 BIFCAT_00644
SC S9 S09.073 Xaa-Pro dipeptidylpeptidase MER0192274 BIFCAT_00082
SC S9 unassigned subfamily S9A unassigned peptidases MER0192188
SC S9 unassigned family S9 unassigned peptidases MER0210052
SE S12 unassigned family S12 unassigned peptidases MER1005991 BBCT_0397
SE S13 unassigned family S13 unassigned peptidases MER0357131 BIFCAT_01321
SF S24 S24.001 repressor LexA MER0238894 lexA BIFCAT_00441
SF S26 S26.025 signal peptidase sipX MER0333992 BIFCAT_01648
SH S78 unassigned family S78 unassigned peptidases MER1087339 BBCT_1487
SJ S16 S16.A04 DNA repair protein RadA (Escherichia coli) MER0473853 BIFCAT_01502
SJ S16 non-peptidase homologue family S16 non-peptidase homologues MER1035159 BBCT_0599
SJ S16 unassigned family S16 unassigned peptidases MER0473462
SK S14 S14.008 ClpP1 peptidase (Streptomyces-type) MER0167731 BIFCAT_01894
SK S14 S14.009 ClpP2 peptidase (Streptomyces-type) MER0167774 BIFCAT_01895
ST S54 unassigned family S54 unassigned peptidases MER1081706 BBCT_0024
U- U32 unassigned family U32 unassigned peptidases MER0403809 BIFCAT_01611
U- U72 U72.001 Dop isopeptidase MER0402565
U- U72 unassigned family U72 unassigned peptidases MER0402825

GENOME ANALYSIS: Comparison with 41 completely sequenced genomes from genus Bifidobacterium
Family Comment
S12 significant presence (1 homologues)
T2 significant presence (1 homologues)