Chlamydophila felis

Taxonomy database identifier: 83556
Superkingdom Bacteria
Species felis
Phylum Chlamydiae
Order Chlamydiales
Family Chlamydiaceae
Genus Chlamydophila
Peptidase View peptidase sequences from Chlamydophila felis
Count of known and putative peptidases: 27, non-peptidase homologues 5
Completely sequences genomes from subspecies and strains Protein coding genes

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Clan Family MEROPS ID Peptidase or homologue (subtype) MERNUM Gene Link Locus Megabases
AC A8 unassigned family A8 unassigned peptidases MER0059922 lspA CF0797
CE C48 unassigned family C48 unassigned peptidases MER0059906 CF0300
CO C40 unassigned family C40 unassigned peptidases MER0059914 ydhO CF0475
MA M3 unassigned subfamily M3B unassigned peptidases MER0059909 pepF CF0367
MA M41 unassigned family M41 unassigned peptidases MER0105551 ftsH CF0251
ME M16 unassigned subfamily M16A unassigned peptidases MER0059899 ide2 CF0203
ME M16 unassigned subfamily M16C unassigned peptidases MER0059903 ide3 CF0233
MF M17 unassigned family M17 unassigned peptidases MER0059916 pepA CF0597
MG M24 unassigned subfamily M24A unassigned peptidases MER0059904 map CF0262
MG M24 unassigned subfamily M24B unassigned peptidases MER0059897 pepP CF0064
MH M20 unassigned subfamily M20F unassigned peptidases MER0059902 dapE CF0232
MJ M19 unassigned family M19 unassigned peptidases MER0059915 dpp CF0495
MM M50 non-peptidase homologue subfamily M50B non-peptidase homologues MER0897996
NB N6 unassigned family N6 unassigned peptide lyases MER0326976
PA S1 unassigned subfamily S1C unassigned peptidases MER0059901 htrA CF0231
PB C44 non-peptidase homologue family C44 non-peptidase homologues MER0059900 glmS CF0225
PC C26 C26.964 CTP synthetase MER0449349
PC C26 unassigned family C26 unassigned peptidases MER0059912 guaA CF0428
SC S9 unassigned family S9 unassigned peptidases MER0059910 CF0390
SC S9 unassigned family S9 unassigned peptidases MER0059911 hhl CF0394
SE S11 unassigned family S11 unassigned peptidases MER0059925 dacF CF0937
SF S26 non-peptidase homologue subfamily S26A non-peptidase homologues MER0059907 lepB CF0348
SF S26 unassigned subfamily S26A unassigned peptidases MER0059908 lepB CF0348
SJ S16 S16.A04 DNA repair protein RadA (Escherichia coli) MER0059918 radA CF0665
SJ S16 unassigned family S16 unassigned peptidases MER0059920 lon CF0684
SK S14 S14.001 peptidase Clp (type 1) MER0059898 clpP1 CF0094
SK S14 S14.005 peptidase Clp (type 5) MER0059921 clpP2 CF0781
SK S41 S41.001 C-terminal processing peptidase-1 MER0059923 tsp CF0819
SK S41 S41.011 chlamydial protease-like activity factor MER0059905 CF0271
SK S49 unassigned subfamily S49B unassigned peptidases MER0059924 sppA CF0879

GENOME ANALYSIS: Comparison with 12 completely sequenced genomes from order Chlamydiales
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