Candidatus Ruthia magnifica

Taxonomy database identifier: 386487
Superkingdom Bacteria
Phylum Proteobacteria
Class Gammaproteobacteria
Genus Candidatus Ruthia
Species magnifica
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Count of known and putative peptidases: 27, non-peptidase homologues 4
Completely sequences genomes from subspecies and strains Protein coding genes

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Clan Family MEROPS ID Peptidase or homologue (subtype) MERNUM Gene Link Locus Megabases
AC A8 unassigned family A8 unassigned peptidases MER0081031 lspA Rmag_0652
MA M1 M01.005 alanyl aminopeptidase (bacterial-type) MER0081025 Rmag_0440
MA M3 unassigned subfamily M3A unassigned peptidases MER0081027 Rmag_0568
MA M41 M41.001 FtsH peptidase MER0105455 ftsH Rmag_0136
MA M48 unassigned subfamily M48A unassigned peptidases MER0081028 Rmag_0587
MA M48 unassigned subfamily M48B unassigned peptidases MER0081024 Rmag_0399
ME M16 non-peptidase homologue subfamily M16B non-peptidase homologues MER0081035 Rmag_0777
ME M16 non-peptidase homologue subfamily M16B non-peptidase homologues MER0081423 Rmag_0777
ME M16 unassigned subfamily M16B unassigned peptidases MER0081037 Rmag_0778
MF M17 M17.003 PepA aminopeptidase MER0081019 pepA Rmag_0211
MG M24 M24.001 methionyl aminopeptidase 1 (Escherichia-type) MER0081023 Rmag_0398
MG M24 unassigned subfamily M24B unassigned peptidases MER0081016 Rmag_0113
MM M50 unassigned subfamily M50B unassigned peptidases MER0081021 Rmag_0347
MO M23 M23.009 Mername-AA292 peptidase MER0081015 Rmag_0024
MO M23 unassigned subfamily M23B unassigned peptidases MER0081034 Rmag_0751
MS M75 unassigned family M75 unassigned peptidases MER0123677 Rmag_0712
MU M103 M103.001 TldD peptidase (Escherichia coli) MER0081020 Rmag_0236
MU M103 M103.UNW family M103 non-peptidase homologues MER0081038 Rmag_0973
PB C44 C44.001 amidophosphoribosyltransferase precursor MER0119553 Rmag_1001
PE T5 T05.001 ornithine acetyltransferase precursor MER0091354 argJ Rmag_0704
SC S33 unassigned family S33 unassigned peptidases MER0211031 Rmag_0376
SE S11 unassigned family S11 unassigned peptidases MER0081026 Rmag_0470
SF S26 S26.001 signal peptidase I MER0081030 Rmag_0621
SJ S16 S16.001 Lon-A peptidase MER0081018 Rmag_0208
SK S14 S14.001 peptidase Clp (type 1) MER0081017 clpP Rmag_0205
SK S41 S41.004 C-terminal processing peptidase-3 MER0081029 Rmag_0620
SK S49 unassigned subfamily S49B unassigned peptidases MER0081033 Rmag_0735
U- U32 U32.002 collagenase (Helicobacter-type) MER0081022 Rmag_0387

GENOME ANALYSIS: Comparison with 841 completely sequenced genomes from class Gammaproteobacteria
Family Comment
M75 significant presence (1 homologues)
T5 significant presence (1 homologues)