Peptidases of the genus Nocardia

Superkingdom Bacteria
Phylum Firmicutes
Class Actinobacteria
Subclass Actinobacteridae
Order Actinomycetales
Suborder Corynebacterineae
Family Nocardiaceae
Genus Nocardia
Clan Family MEROPS ID peptidase or homologue
AC A8 A08.001 signal peptidase II
AC A8 unassigned family A8 unassigned peptidases
AD A24 unassigned subfamily A24A unassigned peptidases
AE A31 unassigned family A31 unassigned peptidases
CA C1 C01.164 CPXaC peptidase (Xanthomonas sp.)
CA C2 non-peptidase homologue subfamily C2A non-peptidase homologues
CA C2 unassigned subfamily C2A unassigned peptidases
PC C26 C26.955 aminodeoxychorismate synthase, subunit II
PC C26 C26.964 CTP synthetase
PC C26 C26.965 imidazole glycerol phosphate synthase subunit HisH
PC C26 C26.A07 At1g63660 (Arabidopsis thaliana)
PC C26 C26.A25 trp1 (Schizosaccharomyces pombe)
PC C26 C26.A32 imidazoleglycerol-phosphate synthase (Pyrococcus furiosus)
PC C26 unassigned family C26 unassigned peptidases
CO C40 C40.005 PgdS peptidase
CO C40 C40.007 YddH peptidase
CO C40 non-peptidase homologue family C40 non-peptidase homologues
CO C40 unassigned family C40 unassigned peptidases
PB C44 C44.001 amidophosphoribosyltransferase precursor
PB C44 C44.003 glutamate synthase (NADPH) large chain
PB C44 C44.A02 At4g38880 (Arabidopsis thaliana)
PB C44 non-peptidase homologue family C44 non-peptidase homologues
PB C44 unassigned family C44 unassigned peptidases
PC C56 C56.001 PfpI peptidase
PC C56 non-peptidase homologue family C56 non-peptidase homologues
PC C56 unassigned family C56 unassigned peptidases
PB C59 unassigned family C59 unassigned peptidases
CL C82 non-peptidase homologue subfamily C82A non-peptidase homologues
CL C82 unassigned subfamily C82A unassigned peptidases
MA M1 M01.009 aminopeptidase N (actinomycete-type)
MA M1 M01.012 aminopeptidase G
MA M1 M01.033 lysyl endopeptidase (Streptomyces albulus)
MA M1 unassigned family M1 unassigned peptidases
MA M3 M03.005 peptidyl-dipeptidase Dcp
MA M3 unassigned subfamily M3A unassigned peptidases
MA M3 unassigned subfamily M3B unassigned peptidases
MA M4 unassigned family M4 unassigned peptidases
MA M10 unassigned subfamily M10B unassigned peptidases
MA M12 unassigned subfamily M12A unassigned peptidases
MA M13 M13.009 Zmp1 peptidase (Mycobacterium-type)
MA M13 M13.016 T25B6.2 g.p. (Caenorhabditis elegans)
MA M13 non-peptidase homologue family M13 non-peptidase homologues
MA M13 unassigned family M13 unassigned peptidases
MC M14 M14.007 carboxypeptidase T
MC M14 non-peptidase homologue subfamily M14A non-peptidase homologues
MC M14 non-peptidase homologue subfamily M14B non-peptidase homologues
MC M14 unassigned subfamily M14A unassigned peptidases
MD M15 M15.002 DD-carboxypeptidase pdcA (Myxococcus-type)
MD M15 M15.011 vanX D-Ala-D-Ala dipeptidase
MD M15 non-peptidase homologue subfamily M15B non-peptidase homologues
MD M15 unassigned subfamily M15B unassigned peptidases
MD M15 unassigned subfamily M15D unassigned peptidases
ME M16 M16.A15 BSSC8_26020 g.p. (Bacillus subtilis)
ME M16 unassigned subfamily M16A unassigned peptidases
MF M17 unassigned family M17 unassigned peptidases
MH M18 M18.002 aspartyl aminopeptidase
MH M18 unassigned family M18 unassigned peptidases
MJ M19 non-peptidase homologue family M19 non-peptidase homologues
MJ M19 unassigned family M19 unassigned peptidases
MH M20 M20.001 glutamate carboxypeptidase
MH M20 M20.011 carboxypeptidase PM20D1
MH M20 M20.974 acetylornithine deacetylase ArgE
MH M20 non-peptidase homologue subfamily M20D non-peptidase homologues
MH M20 non-peptidase homologue subfamily M20F non-peptidase homologues
MH M20 unassigned subfamily M20A unassigned peptidases
MH M20 unassigned family M20D unassigned peptidases
MH M20 unassigned subfamily M20F unassigned peptidases
MH M20 unassigned family M20 unassigned peptidases
MO M23 M23.A04 yomI g.p. (Bacillus subtilis)
MO M23 unassigned subfamily M23A unassigned peptidases
MO M23 unassigned subfamily M23B unassigned peptidases
MG M24 M24.001 methionyl aminopeptidase 1 (Escherichia-type)
MG M24 M24.034 PH0974 dipeptidase
MG M24 unassigned subfamily M24A unassigned peptidases
MG M24 unassigned subfamily M24B unassigned peptidases
MH M28 unassigned subfamily M28A unassigned peptidases
MH M28 unassigned family M28 unassigned peptidases
MJ M38 M38.982 urease
MJ M38 non-peptidase homologue family M38 non-peptidase homologues
MJ M38 unassigned family M38 unassigned peptidases
MA M41 M41.015 Mername-AA223 peptidase
MA M41 non-peptidase homologue family M41 non-peptidase homologues
MA M41 unassigned family M41 unassigned peptidases
MA M48 M48.004 HtpX-2 peptidase
MA M48 non-peptidase homologue subfamily M48A non-peptidase homologues
MA M48 non-peptidase homologue subfamily M48B non-peptidase homologues
MA M48 unassigned subfamily M48A unassigned peptidases
MA M48 unassigned subfamily M48B unassigned peptidases
MA M48 unassigned subfamily M48C unassigned peptidases
MM M50 M50.005 protein Rv2869c (Mycobacterium tuberculosis)-type peptidase
MM M50 non-peptidase homologue subfamily M50B non-peptidase homologues
MM M50 unassigned subfamily M50B unassigned peptidases
MA M56 unassigned family M56 unassigned peptidases
MA M61 M61.001 glycyl aminopeptidase
MA M61 unassigned family M61 unassigned peptidases
MA M64 unassigned family M64 unassigned peptidases
MP M67 unassigned subfamily M67A unassigned peptidases
MA M78 non-peptidase homologue family M78 non-peptidase homologues
M- M79 unassigned family M79 unassigned peptidases
M- M82 M82.001 PrsW peptidase
M- M82 unassigned family M82 unassigned peptidases
PD N10 N10.002 intein-containing replicative DNA helicase precursor
PD N10 unassigned family N10 unassigned peptide lyases
PE P1 P01.101 pantetheinyl hydrolase ThnT precursor
PE P1 unassigned family P01 unassigned peptidases
PA S1 S01.102 trypsin (Streptomyces erythraeus-type)
PA S1 S01.494 Htra2 peptidase (Mycobacterium-type)
PA S1 S01.513 MarP peptidase (Mycobacterium tuberculosis)
PA S1 non-peptidase homologue subfamily S1B non-peptidase homologues
PA S1 unassigned subfamily S1A unassigned peptidases
PA S1 unassigned subfamily S1B unassigned peptidases
PA S1 unassigned subfamily S1C unassigned peptidases
PA S1 unassigned subfamily S1E unassigned peptidases
PA S1 unassigned family S1 unassigned peptidases
SB S8 S08.131 mycosin-1
SB S8 non-peptidase homologue subfamily S8A non-peptidase homologues
SB S8 unassigned subfamily S8A unassigned peptidases
SB S8 unassigned subfamily S8B unassigned peptidases
SC S9 S09.010 oligopeptidase B
SC S9 S09.948 para-nitrobenzyl esterase (Bacillus subtilis)
SC S9 S09.958 hypothetical protein flj40219
SC S9 S09.993 hormone-sensitive lipase
SC S9 S09.A77 dpf-6 g.p. (Caenorhabditis elegans)
SC S9 non-peptidase homologue subfamily S9B non-peptidase homologues
SC S9 non-peptidase homologue family S9 non-peptidase homologues
SC S9 unassigned subfamily S9A unassigned peptidases
SC S9 unassigned subfamily S9B unassigned peptidases
SC S9 unassigned subfamily S9C unassigned peptidases
SC S9 unassigned family S9 unassigned peptidases
SE S11 S11.004 K15-type DD-transpeptidase
SE S11 non-peptidase homologue family S11 non-peptidase homologues
SE S11 unassigned family S11 unassigned peptidases
SE S12 S12.003 alkaline D-peptidase
SE S12 S12.A11 lact-2 g.p. (Caenorhabditis elegans)
SE S12 S12.A17 lact-4 g.p. (Caenorhabditis elegans)
SE S12 S12.A23 GYO_0385 g.p. (Bacillus subtilis)
SE S12 non-peptidase homologue family S12 non-peptidase homologues
SE S12 unassigned family S12 unassigned peptidases
SE S13 S13.004 penillin-binding protein 4
SE S13 unassigned family S13 unassigned peptidases
SK S14 S14.001 peptidase Clp (type 1)
SK S14 S14.008 ClpP1 peptidase (Streptomyces-type)
SK S14 S14.009 ClpP2 peptidase (Streptomyces-type)
SK S14 non-peptidase homologue family S14 non-peptidase homologues
SK S14 unassigned family S14 unassigned peptidases
SC S15 non-peptidase homologue family S15 non-peptidase homologues
SC S15 unassigned family S15 unassigned peptidases
SJ S16 S16.012 SepM peptidase (Streptococcus mutans)
SJ S16 S16.A04 DNA repair protein RadA (Escherichia coli)
SJ S16 non-peptidase homologue family S16 non-peptidase homologues
SJ S16 unassigned family S16 unassigned peptidases
SF S24 S24.001 repressor LexA
SF S24 unassigned family S24 unassigned peptidases
SF S26 S26.024 signal peptidase (Mycobacterium tuberculosis-type)
SF S26 non-peptidase homologue subfamily S26A non-peptidase homologues
SF S26 unassigned subfamily S26A unassigned peptidases
SC S33 S33.001 prolyl aminopeptidase
SC S33 S33.010 SCO7095-type peptidase
SC S33 S33.016 2-hydroxy-6-oxo-6-phenylhexa-2,4-dienoate hydrolase (Burkholderia-type)
SC S33 S33.023 Hip1 peptidase (Mycobacterium tuberculosis)
SC S33 non-peptidase homologue family S33 non-peptidase homologues
SC S33 unassigned family S33 unassigned peptidases
SK S41 non-peptidase homologue subfamily S41A non-peptidase homologues
PB S45 S45.003 cephalosporin C acylase precursor
PC S51 non-peptidase homologue family S51 non-peptidase homologues
PC S51 unassigned family S51 unassigned peptidases
ST S54 S54.029 rhomboid peptidase 2 (Mycobacterium sp.)
ST S54 S54.A08 At1g25290 (Arabidopsis thaliana)
ST S54 non-peptidase homologue family S54 non-peptidase homologues
ST S54 unassigned family S54 unassigned peptidases
SS S66 unassigned family S66 unassigned peptidases
SH S78 S78.001 prohead peptidase (bacteriophage HK97)
SH S78 unassigned family S78 unassigned peptidases
PB T1 T01.005 bacterial proteasome, beta component
PB T1 T01.980 bacterial proteasome, alpha subunit
PB T3 T03.001 gamma-glutamyltransferase 1 (bacterial-type)
PB T3 T03.014 gamma-glutamyltransferase 2 (bacterial)
PB T3 non-peptidase homologue family T3 non-peptidase homologues
PB T3 unassigned family T3 unassigned peptidases
PE T5 unassigned family T5 unassigned peptidases
U- U56 U56.001 homomultimeric peptidase
U- U62 unassigned family U62 unassigned peptidases
U- U72 U72.001 Dop isopeptidase
U- U72 unassigned family U72 unassigned peptidases