The following links list how search determinants are assigned to each HLA allele by the different registries; The Anthony Nolan, the NMDP, BMDW, Canadian Unrelated Bone Marrow Donor Registry, France Greffe de Moelle, BBMR and also the ZKRD approach to search determinants.

France Greffe de Moelle

France Greffe de Moelle (FGM) uses a algorithm to assign search determinant (SD) to all alleles listed on the “WHO nomenclature for factors of the HLA system” web site and on the NMDP multiple allele code list extracted from the BMDW list. We use the list containing the alleles and the ambiguous alleles. If one allele has a corresponding assigned HLA specificity (example B*4001 assigned as B60), the SD is B60. If the allele has no assigned HLA specificity, then, the SD is the first two digits.(example B*4008 SD B40). When a patient is assigned a broad SD (example A28), the search report contains all donors identified as A28, A68 and A69. Not expressed alleles do not receive a SD.


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