Polymorphism Search

This tool allows the user to retrieve data on HLA sequence polymorphism. The output displays polymorphism found at different positions within the HLA sequences.

Polymorphism Searches
Search Level (i.e. A, A*01)
Omit monomorphic positions

Search Level - Enter either the locus or a more specific allele group. For example, "A" will search all HLA-A alleles where as "A*01" will only analyse the HLA sequences beginning "A*01".

Codon - Select the region of interest, you can view polymorphism across the entire sequence or enter a specific codon position. The codon positions use the numbering from the IPD-IMGT/HLA protein alignments. To view the entire sequence leave the "Codon" box blank.

Omit - The final option allows you to omit the monomorphic positions detected, i.e. those codons that display no polymorphism. This reduces the size of the output produced.

Further Information

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