The International Histocompatibility Workshop cell lines are a repository of HLA-typed reference material collected as part of the IHW This is a specialised collection of around 650 reference cell lines, originating from laboratories all over the world, to be used in the investigation of the Human Leucocyte Antigen (HLA) system.

The IPD-IMGT/HLA Cell Query tool can be used to perform complex queries on the IHW cell database. Select the search field from the drop down menu and enter the search term in the box provided. Queries can be combined using the AND/OR button in the top corner.

  • Wild cards are automatically added to the queries.
  • Please note the search tool is not case sensitive.
  • The IHW Cell ID is contained in the cell aliases and can be queried as part of the Name field.
  • To view all IHW Cells simply enter IHW in the Name search filed.
  • The DNA Typing of the cell is based on the submitting authors own typing techniques and where appropriate uses NMDP Allele Codes to shorten long strings of alleles.
  • All HLA typings use the 2010 Nomenclature system, pre-2010 nomenclature designations will not work.

For more information please see the help file.

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STEP 2 - Select any cell identifiers for queries


STEP 3 - Select any HLA DNA typing queries


STEP 4 - Select any HLA serology typing queries


STEP 5 - Select any HLA IEF-Subtyping queries


STEP 6 - Proceed with the query

Source of Cell Typing Data

The typing listed in the cells is derived from information provided at the time of submission. For some cells additional information has been added based on the following references:

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  • Kimura A, Dong RP, Harada H, Sasasuki T
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  • Degli-Esposti MA, Griffiths MS, Daly LN, Witt CS, Simons M, Carcassi C, Albert ED, Giphart MJ, Dawkins RL
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Further Information

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