IMGT/HLA Allele Query Form

The IPD-IMGT/HLA Database allows you to retrieve information upon a specific HLA allele as named in the WHO Nomenclature Committee Reports. The report includes previous designations, the EMBL/GenBank/DDBJ accession numbers, references and some information of the source of the allele. Where discrepancies have arisen between reported sequences, the original authors have been contacted where possible, and necessary amendments to published sequences have been incorporated into this alignment. Future sequencing may identify errors in this list and the WHO Nomenclature Committee would welcome any evidence that helps to maintain the accuracy.

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How To Query

  • To search for an allele entry enter either an allele name (i.e.; A*, A*01, A*01:01:01:01, and any previous designations like A*01010101). The search tool will then retrieve all relevant hits. Wildcards will automatically be added to the search.
  • A list of null alleles can be retrieved by entering "Locus*N" i.e. ("A*N" for all HLA-A null alleles) or for a list of all nulll alleles please see A list of deleted alleles is also available from the deleted alleles page.
  • The results will also show all pre-2010 Nomenclature designations, so the Allele Search tool can also be used as a conversion tool for looking up new allele names. To aid in migration of data to the new nomenclature we are also providing conversion tables, and a conversion tool.
  • A full list of all alleles for each locus is available from the following links; Class I list, Class II list, other loci.
  • The sequence displayed is the virtual sequence used for representing HLA alleles, further details are provided in the nomenclature guidelines.
  • For a further explanation of the output form, click here.

Further Information

For more information about the database, queries (including website) or to subscribe to the IPD mailing lists please contact IPD Support.

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