HPA Allele Frequencies

The following tables give the frequencies of the HPA alleles.

The authors of these pages welcome submissions of HPA population data from any laboratory. If you would like to contribute data please send it to pmetcalfe@nibsc.ac.uk or naw23@cam.ac.uk.

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Additional Data

Country Laboratory Method Publication Ethnic origin Number

HPA Genes

FcRIIa131R FcRIIa131H GpIa haplotype1 GpIa haplotype2 GpIa haplotype3

HPA Allele Frequencies

Country Laboratory Method Publication Ethnic origin Number FcRIIa131R FcRIIa131H Gpla haplotype 1 Gpla haplotype 2 Gpla haplotype 3
Austria Blood Group Serology, University of Vienna, Austria PCR-SSP   Caucasoid adult platelet donors of the same mixed background 153 0.42 0.58      
Germany The Institute of Transfusion Medicine, University Clinic of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany PCR-SSP Flesch et al., Transfusion, 38:174-176, 1998 Caucasians from northern Germany 57 0.342 0.658      
Brazil Platelet Immunology, UNICAMP, Campinas, Brazil PCR-RFLP/SSP Castro et al., Blood, 98 S1:242, 2001 Unselected healthy newborns 100     0.404 0.47 0.126