This project is supported by the European Commission within the Fifth Framework Infrastructures program (contract no. QLRT-2000-01325. Further information can be found at the website of CORDIS - Community Research & Development Information Service of the EU. ESTDAB is a continuation of the EUCAPS project (European Concerted Action on Peptide Sensitisation).

ESTDAB aims to provide a service enabling investigators to search on-line for HLA-typed, immunologically-characterised tumour cells available for distribution from a central bank. This service will for the first time enable investigators to identify cells possessing specific parameters important for studies of immunity, immunogenetics, gene expression, metastasis, response to chemotherapy, and other tumour biological experimentation. Cell lines, predominantly melanoma, will be collected and characterised for the following parameters: HLA genotype and surface expression of HLA molecules, expression of tumour antigens, antigen processing capability, production of and response to cytokines and chemokines, apoptosis regulation and expression of adhesion/accessory molecules.

The ESTDAB database allows for searching by single parameter, or clusters of parameters. Access to the cells in the cell bank will, however, be restricted to bona fide investigators after they have signed appropriate Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) as provided by the original donors of the lines. The service will be offered at nominal cost to the user.

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