Training & tutorials


A number of online tutorials relating to InterPro are available.

training course InterPro: functional and structural analysis of protein sequences
 Alex Mitchell    Beginner    1 hour
This course will provide an in-depth guide to InterPro - how to access it, how to search the database and interpret the results.
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training course Protein classification: An introduction to EMBL-EBI resources
 Amaia Sangrador   Beginner    0.5 hour
This course provides background information on protein signature databases and their use in sequence analysis and protein classification.
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training course A Quick Tour of InterPro
 Alex Mitchell   Beginner    0.5 hour
This course provides a brief overview of InterPro, including querying the database and visualising the results using the web interface.
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training course InterPro: A case study of 3 protein family building methodologies
 Lorna Richardson, Shoshana Brown, Paul Thomas, David Haft   Beginner    1 hour
This course provides an insight into the different protein family building methodologies employed by three InterPro member databases, namely SFLD (Structure Function Linkage Database), TIGRFAMs and PANTHER. It also describes an automated approach to comparing protein signatures and predicting hierarchical relationships between them.
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InterPro hands-on practical sessions feature regularly as part of the EBI training courses and workshops. Find out more about when and where these training courses will run, as well as how to apply to host them.