cDNA FLJ78586, highly similar to Homo sapiens VAMP (vesicle-associated membrane protein)-associated protein A, 33kDa (VAPA), mRNA (A8KA83)

Homo sapiens (Human)
242 amino acids (complete)
Source: UniProtKB

Protein family membership

Homologous superfamilies

  1. Homologous superfamily
  2. Homologous superfamily
1 50 100 150 200 242

Domains and repeats

  1. Domain
1 50 100 150 200 242

Detailed signature matches

Other features

GO term prediction

Biological Process

GO:0070972 protein localization to endoplasmic reticulum

Molecular Function

GO:0033149 FFAT motif binding

Cellular Component

GO:0005789 endoplasmic reticulum membrane