Plant lipoxygenase, PLAT/LH2 domain (IPR042057)

Short name: Lipoxy_PLAT/LH2

Overlapping homologous superfamilies

Domain relationships

  • PLAT/LH2 domain (IPR001024)
    • Plant lipoxygenase, PLAT/LH2 domain (IPR042057)


This is the PLAT/LH2 domain of plant lipoxygenase related proteins. Lipoxygenases are nonheme, nonsulfur iron dioxygenases that act on lipid substrates containing one or more (Z,Z)-1,4-pentadiene moieties. In plants, the immediate products are involved in defense mechanisms against pathogens and may be precursors of metabolic regulators [PMID: 12226483, PMID: 12221977, PMID: 12432926]. The generally proposed function of PLAT/LH2 domains is to mediate interaction with lipids or membrane bound proteins [PMID: 10469604].

Lipoxygenases can be classified as 9- and 13-lipoxygenases, according to the position of oxygen incorporation in linoleic acid and linolenic acid, the most important substrates for LOX catalysis in plants. There are six A. thaliana lipoxygenases identified: AtLOX1-6, among which AtLOX-1 and AtLOX-5 are 9S-lipoxygenases, and AtLOX-2, AtLOX-3, AtLOX-4 and AtLOX-6 are 13S-lipoxygenases [PMID: 18949503].

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