Integrator complex subunit 11, MBL-fold (IPR041897)

Short name: INTS11-like_MBL-fold

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This entry represents the MBL-fold found in integrator complex subunit 11 (INTS11 or Int11, also known as RC-68). Integrator (INT) is a metazoan-specific multisubunit, multifunctional protein complex composed of 14 subunits named Int1-Int14 (Integrator subunits). Integrator complex has been implicated in a variety of Pol II transcription events including 3' end processing of snRNA, transcription initiation, promoter-proximal pausing, termination of protein-coding transcripts, and in HVS pre-miRNA 3' end processing [PMID: 16239144, PMID: 25675981]. INTS11 is the endonuclease subunit for INT, responsible for the cleavage reaction at the 3' end of target RNAs [PMID: 25882383]. INTS11 belongs to the MBL-fold metallo-hydrolase superfamily which is comprised mainly of hydrolytic enzymes which carry out a variety of biological functions [PMID: 11471246].

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