Peptide chain release factor 3, GTP-binding domain (IPR041732)

Short name: RF3_GTP-bd

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This entry reprsents the GTP-binding domain found in peptide chain release factor 3.

Peptide chain release factor 3 (RF3) is a protein involved in the termination step of translation in bacteria. Termination occurs when class I release factors (RF1 or RF2) recognize the stop codon at the A-site of the ribosome and activate the release of the nascent polypeptide. The class II release factor RF3 then initiates the release of the class I RF from the ribosome. RF3 binds to the RF/ribosome complex in the inactive (GDP-bound) state. GDP/GTP exchange occurs, followed by the release of the class I RF. Subsequent hydrolysis of GTP to GDP triggers the release of RF3 from the ribosome. RF3 also enhances the efficiency of class I RFs at less preferred stop codons and at stop codons in weak contexts [PMID: 14985767, PMID: 12419223].

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