Desmoplakin, spectrin-like domain (IPR041573)

Short name: Desmoplakin_Spectrin-like

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Desmoplakin (DP) is an integral part of desmosomes, where it links desmosomal cadherins to the intermediate filaments. The N-terminal region of DP contains a plakin domain common to members of the plakin family. Plakin domains contain multiple copies of spectrin repeats (SRs). Spectrin repeats (SRs) consist of three alpha-helices (A, B, and C) that form an antiparallel triple-helical bundle. This entry describes SR6 which has a divergent structure relative to the other SRs. SR6 shows significant deviations in helices A and B where they are significantly shorter than in other repeats. Structural comparison revealed that SR6 is more similar to other three-helix-bundle proteins, including target of Myb1 and the syntaxin Habc domain, than to other SR proteins. Due to these differences with other spectrin repeats, this region is termed spectrin-like repeat [PMID: 21536047].

This domain can also be found in Plectin and Dystonin.

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