Histone methyltransferase, Tudor domain 2 (IPR041292)

Short name: Tudor_4

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This is the second TUDOR domain found in SETDB1 enzymes (EC: from mammals, also known as Eggless in Drosophila [PMID: 26296461]. In Drosophila, SetdB1 (Egg) is important for oogenesis and the silencing of chromosome 4 [PMID: 27798683]. SET domain, bifurcated 1 (SETDB1) is a histone methyltransferase (HMT) that methylates lysine 9 on histone H3 (H3K9). The enzymatic activity of SETDB1, in association with MBD1-containing chromatin-associated factor 1 (MCAF1), converts H3K9me2 to H3K9me3 and represses subsequent transcription. SETDB1 is amplified in cancers such as melanoma and lung cancer, and increased expression of SETDB1 promotes tumorigenesis in a zebrafish melanoma model. In addition, SETDB1 is required for endogenous retrovirus silencing during early embryogenesis, inhibition of adipocyte differentiation, and differentiation of mesenchymal cells into osteoblasts [PMID: 26296461]. The tandem Tudor domains in the N-terminal region are involved in protein-protein interactions [PMID: 27798683].

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