Pre-rRNA-processing protein PNO1-like (IPR039912)

Short name: PNO1-like

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Pre-rRNA-processing protein PNO1 is also known as Partner of NOB1 and ribosomal RNA-processing protein 20. NOB1 is a nuclear protein that forms a complex with the 19S regulatory particle of the 26S proteasome and PNO1, acting as a chaperone to join the 20S proteasome with the 19S regulatory particle. The NOB1 complex is then degraded by the mature 26S proteasome [PMID: 12502737]. PNO1 is also a component of the pre-ribosomal particle, and strains lacking PNO1 are defective in ribosomal RNA processing [PMID: 12736301]. PNO1 remains a component of the SSU RRP complex, in which pre-40S subunits are left associated with a limited set of proteins [PMID: 15037774]. PNO1 contains a K Homology domain.

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