Retrotransposon Ty1/copia-like (IPR039537)

Short name: Retrotran_Ty1/copia-like

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This entry represents the Ty1/copia-like retrotransposons mostly from eukaryotes, including Copia from Drosophila melanogaster [PMID: 2538806], Tnt1 from Nicotiana tabacum [PMID: 2536143] and Ty1 from Saccharomyces cerevisiae [PMID: 2581255, PMID: 10861903]. Copia-like elements share the same general structure including a long terminal repeat (LTR), and encode a polyprotein that includes major domains with highly conserved amino acid sequences such as gag and pol, and the integrase domain located at the 5' end of the reverse transcriptase domain [PMID: 19641921].

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