TetR transcription regulator (IPR039419)

Short name: TetR_trans_reg

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This entry represents proteins containing a homeobox-like domain and a C-terminal domain found in a number of different TetR transcription regulator proteins. The homeobox-like domain binds DNA through a helix-turn-helix (HTH) structure and is very similar in sequence and structure to domains in a wide range of DNA-binding proteins. Members of the family are predominantly from bacteria. but also some homologues from archaea and eukaryotes, and includes the following:

  • nucleoid occlusion factor SlmA, a DNA-associated cell division inhibitor that is directly involved in preventing Z ring assembly on portions of the membrane surrounding the nucleoid [PMID: 15916962]
  • HTH-type transcriptional regulator BetI, a repressor involved in the biosynthesis of the osmoprotectant glycine betaine from choline [PMID: 8626294]
  • HTH-type transcriptional regulator FabR, a repressor involved in unsaturated fatty acid biosynthesis [PMID: 11859088]
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  • HTH-type transcriptional regulator IcaR, a repressor of the icaADBC operon necessary for biofilm production [PMID: 12142410]
  • HTH-type transcriptional regulator EthR, a repressor from Mycobacterium tuberculosis implicated in ethionamide drug resistance [PMID: 15236969]
  • HTH-type transcriptional regulator RutR, a master transcriptional regulator that represses the degradation of pyrimidines and purines from Escherichia coli [PMID: 17919280]
  • HTH-type transcriptional regulator UidR, a repressor for the uidRABC operon
  • HTH-type transcriptional regulator AcnR, a repressor of the aconitase gene [PMID: 15494411]
  • HTH-type transcriptional regulator KstR2, a repressor of a small regulon that may play a role in the utilization of cholesterol [PMID: 20167624]
  • HTH-type transcriptional regulator QacR from Staphylococcus aureus, a multidrug binding protein that represses transcription of the qacA multidrug transporter gene [PMID: 11739955]

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