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Deltex, C-terminal domain superfamily (IPR039399)

Short name: Deltex_C_sf

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The deltex family of proteins is involved in the regulation of Notch signaling, and therefore may play roles in cell-to-cell communications that regulate mechanisms determining cell fate [PMID: 9590294]. They have a central RING-type zinc finger domain and contain a C-terminal domain that is also found in other domain architectures. Deltex-1 (DTX1) contains a RING finger and two WWE domains, indicating that it may be an E3 ubiquitin ligase [PMID: 20208568]. Human deltex 3-like, which contains an additional N-terminal domain (presumably with ubiquitin ligase activity) is also described as E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase DTX3L, B-lymphoma- and BAL-associated protein (BBAP), or rhysin-2. DTX3L mediates monoubiquitination of K91 of histone H4 in response to DNA damage [PMID: 22411408, PMID: 12670957].

This entry represents the C-terminal domain of the Deltex proteins. It contains a fold composed of central beta-sheet lined with two long parallel alpha-helices [PMID: 22411408].

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