Homologous Superfamily

L-fucose isomerase, domain 3 superfamily (IPR038393)

Short name: Fuc_iso_dom3_sf

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Proteins containing this domain are similar to L-fucose isomerase expressed by Escherichia coli (P11552, EC: This enzyme corresponds to glucose-6-phosphate isomerase in glycolysis, and converts an aldo-hexose to a ketose to prepare it for aldol cleavage. The enzyme is a hexamer, with each subunit being wedge-shaped and composed of three domains. Both domains 1 and 2 contain central parallel beta- sheets with surrounding alpha helices. The active centre is shared between pairs of subunits related along the molecular three-fold axis, with domains 2 and 3 from one subunit providing most of the substrate-contacting residues [PMID: 9367760].

This entry represents the domain 3 of L-fucose isomerase.

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