Homologous Superfamily

Purine-cytosine permease superfamily (IPR038271)

Short name: Pur-cyt_permease_sf

Overlapping entries


This superfamily represents a domain found in the purine-cytosine permease family, whose members include allantoin permease Dal4 [PMID: 1293888], nicotinamide riboside transporter 1 (Nrt1) [PMID: 18258590], purine-cytosine permease Fcy2/21/22 [PMID: 9092500], thiamine transporter Thi7/Thi72 [PMID: 9358046], uracil permease Fur4 [PMID: 9829833], uridine permease Fui1 [PMID: 16854981] and vitamin B6 transporter Tpn1 [PMID: 12649274] from budding yeasts. This entry also includes cytosine permeases codB from E. coli [PMID: 1640834] and purine-uracil permease AtNCS1 from Arabidopsis [PMID: 24621654].

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