PA14/GLEYA domain (IPR037524)

Short name: PA14/GLEYA

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The ~150-amino acid PA14 domain, named after its location in the protective antigen of anthrax toxin, is found in a variety of bacterial and eukaryotic proteins such as glycosidases, glycosyltransferases, proteases, amidases, toxins, adhesins and signaling molecules. The PA14 domain is combined in a mosaic manner with various catalytic or non-catalytic domains directly or indirectly implicated in binding carbohydrate or peptidoglycan. It could be a carbohydrate-binding module [PMID: 15236739, PMID: 20662765, PMID: 9039918].

The PA14 domain is a beta-barrel structure comprising two beta-sheets. The N and C termini of the domain are close together in space, presumably, thereby facilitating the insertion of the PA14 domain into other recognized domains without structural disruption [PMID: 15236739, PMID: 20662765, PMID: 9039918].

This entry also recognizes the related GLEYA domain (IPR018871), which is a carbohydrate-binding domain found in fungal adhesins (also referred to as agglutinins or flocculins) [PMID: 23770896].

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