Homologous Superfamily

Structures: Penicillin-binding protein, dimerisation domain superfamily (IPR036138)


The Protein Data Bank (PDB) is a repository for the 3-D structural data of large biological molecules, such as proteins and nucleic acids.

1qme  4r0q  4qjg  1mwt  4bl2  4ovd  1qmf  3oc2  2z2m  4cpk  3zg0  3zfz  4r23  2wad  4jbf  2zc3  2z2l  1pyy  3eqv  5m18  2zc4  4dki  2wae  1mwr  1vqq  3vsk  4r1g  3equ  3ue3  3vsl  4r3j  1pmd  4cjn  4ra7  5ksh  5tt1  1rp5  4n1x  1mwu  1k25  3zg5  2waf  5m19  1mws  4bl3  5m1a  5u47 


CATH is a hierarchical classification of protein model structures.  3.90.1310.10  3.30.1390.30  3.90.1310.30  3.40.710.10 


The Structural Classification of Proteins (SCOP) database is a largely manual classification of protein structural domains based on similarities of their amino acid sequences and three-dimensional structures.