TRIM27, PRY/SPRY domain (IPR035791)

Short name: SPRY/PRY_TRIM27

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This domain, consisting of the distinct N-terminal PRY subdomain followed by the SPRY subdomain, is found at the C terminus of TRIM27, also known as RING finger protein 76 (RNF76) or RET finger protein (RFP). TRIM proteins are defined by the presence of the tripartite motif RING/B-box/coiled-coil region and are also known as RBCC proteins [PMID: 16237670]. TRIM27 exhibits either nuclear or cytosolic localization depending on the cell type. TRIM27 negatively regulates nucleotide-binding oligomerization domain containing 2 (NOD2)-mediated signaling by proteasomal degradation of NOD2, suggesting that TRIM27 could be a new target for therapeutic intervention in NOD2-associated diseases such as Crohn's [PMID: 22829933]. High expression of TRIM27 is observed in several human cancers, including breast and endometrial cancer, where elevated TRIM27 expression predicts poor prognosis [PMID: 22556269]. Also, TRIM27 forms an oncogenic fusion protein with Ret proto-oncogene. It is involved in different stages of spermatogenesis and its significant expression in male germ cells and seminomas, suggests that TRIM27 may be associated with the regulation of testicular germ cell proliferation and histological-type of germ cell tumors [PMID: 10571821, PMID: 12445133]. TRIM27 could also be a predictive marker for chemoresistance in ovarian cancer patients [PMID: 23342271]. In the neurotoxin model of Parkinson's disease (PD), deficiency of TRIM27 decreases apoptosis and protects dopaminergic neurons, making TRIM27 an effective potential target during the treatment of PD [PMID: 25223908].

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