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MalF, N-terminal (IPR035277)

Short name: MalF_N

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The malF gene product (MalF) is an inner membrane component of the maltose transport system in Escherichia coli. Some gene fusions between malF and lacZ produce hybrid proteins which are membrane-bound while other fusions produce hybrid proteins which are cytoplasmic [PMID: 790385, PMID: 6088520].

The MalF protein belongs to the ABC transporter superfamily, the binding-protein-dependent transport system permease family and the MalFG subfamily. Hydrophobic proteins from the ABC transporter superfamily display a conserved, at least 20 amino acid region (EAA-X3-G-X9-I-X-LP), exposed in the cytosol, called the EAA region. This region is presume to be a recognition site for the ABC ATPase helical domain [PMID: 9214624].

MalF is a constituent of the MalFGK(2) maltose transport complex in Escherichia coli. It is targeted via the SRP pathway to the Sec/YidC insertion site. YidC supports the folding of MalF into a stable conformation before it is incorporated into the maltose transport complex [PMID: 18456666].

The MalF structure is composed of eight transmembrane domains [PMID: 8636026]. This entry corresponds to the N-terminal domain of the protein.

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