snRNP70, RNA recognition motif (IPR034143)

Short name: snRNP70_RRM

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This entry represents the RNA recognition motif (RRM) of snRNP70 (also known as U1-70K), a key component of the spliceosomal U1 snRNP, which is essential for recognition of the pre-mRNA 5' splice-site and the subsequent assembly of the spliceosome [PMID: 3028775].

U1-70K plays an essential role in targeting the U1 snRNP to the 5' splice site through protein-protein interactions with regulatory RNA-binding splicing factors, such as the RS protein ASF/SF2. It can also specifically bind to stem-loop I of the U1 small nuclear RNA (U1 snRNA) contained in the U1 snRNP complex. It also mediates the binding of U1C, another U1-specific protein, to the U1 snRNP complex [PMID: 19325628].

U1-70K contains a conserved RNA recognition motif (RRM), followed by an adjacent glycine-rich region at the N-terminal half, and two serine/arginine-rich (SR) domains at the C-terminal half. The RRM is responsible for the binding of stem-loop I of U1 snRNA molecule. Additionally, the most prominent immunodominant region that can be recognized by auto-antibodies from autoimmune patients may be located within the RRM. The SR domains are involved in protein-protein interaction with SR proteins that mediate 5' splice site recognition [PMID: 21536904]. For instance, the first SR domain is necessary and sufficient for ASF/SF2 binding [PMID: 9685421, PMID: 20519584].

Proteins containing this domain also includes Drosophila U1-70K that is an essential splicing factor required for viability in flies, but its SR domain is dispensable [PMID: 15611175].

GO terms

Biological Process

No terms assigned in this category.

Molecular Function

GO:0030619 U1 snRNA binding

Cellular Component

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