Reprolysin domain, adamalysin-type (IPR034027)

Short name: Reprolysin_adamalysin

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This entry includes the reprolysin-like domain found in snake venom metallopeptidases such as adamalysin [PMID: 9521103] and membrane-anchored metalloendopeptidases known as ADAMs (A Disintegrin And Metalloprotease), which are glycoproteins, which play roles in cell signaling, cell fusion, and cell-cell interactions [PMID: 10652535, PMID: 9818177, PMID: 7593158]. Peptidase activity depends on the presence of an extended zinc-binding motif known as HEXXHXXGXXH in which the histidines are zinc ligands, the glutamic acid is a catalytic residue and the glycine maintains an important turn. There are a number of proteins in which one or more of these essential residues are not conserved, and these do not have proteolytic activity.

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  • cd04269 (ZnMc_adamalysin_II_like)