Flagellum site-determining protein YlxH/ Fe-S cluster assembling factor NBP35 (IPR033756)

Short name: YlxH/NBP35

Overlapping homologous superfamilies

Family relationships


This family contains YlxH (also annotated FleN/FlhG), which regules aspects of flagellar assembly, placement and number [PMID: 10629180, PMID: 23600726]. YlxH/FlhG activates the SRP-GTPase FlhF [PMID: 22056770]. This family also contains members of the MRP/Nbp35 class of iron-sulfur (FeS) cluster scaffolds, such as Nbp35 and Cfd1, that function to assemble nascent FeS clusters for transfer to FeS-requiring enzymes. They have been identified as ATPases [PMID: 26195633].

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