AAR2, N-terminal (IPR033647)

Short name: Aar2_N

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This entry consists of the N-terminal domain of eukaryotic Aar2 and Aar2-like proteins.

Aar2 is a U5 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein (snRNP) particle assembly factor and part of Prp8, which forms a large complex containing U5 snRNA, Snu114, and seven Sm proteins (B, D1, D2, D3, E, F and G). Upon import of the complex into the nucleus, Aar2 phosphorylation leads to its release from Prp8 and replacement by Brr2p, thus playing an important role in Brr2p regulation and possibly safeguarding against non-specific RNA binding to Prp8 [PMID: 21828266, PMID: 23354046, PMID: 11720285, PMID: 16373487, PMID: 17934474]. Aar2p binds directly with the RNaseH-like domain in the C-terminal region of Prp8p [PMID: 21764848]. In yeast, Aar2 protein is involved in splicing pre-mRNA of the a1 cistron and other genes important for cell growth [PMID: 1922071].

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