3'-5' exoribonuclease Rv2179c-like domain (IPR033390)

Short name: Rv2179c-like

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This entry represents a domain found in a group of divergent 3' exoribonucleases. The proteins constitute a typical RNase fold, where the active site residues form a magnesium catalytic centre. The protein of the solved structure readily cleaves 3' overhangs in a time-dependent manner. It is similar to DEDD-type RNases and is an unusual ATP-binding protein that binds ATP and dATP. It forms a dimer in solution and both protomers in the asymmetric unit bind a magnesium ion through Asp-6 [PMID: 24311791].

Proteins containing this domain also include 3'-5' exonuclease dexA from bacteriophage T4. It may play a role in the final step of host DNA degradation, by scavenging DNA into mononucleotides [PMID: 10581261, PMID: 3056918].

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