Glycosyl hydrolases family 11 (GH11) domain (IPR033123)

Short name: GH11_dom

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The microbial degradation of cellulose and xylans requires several types of enzymes such as endoglucanases (EC:, cellobiohydrolases (EC: (exoglucanases), or xylanases (EC: [PMID: 2252383, PMID: 1886523]. Fungi and bacteria produces a spectrum of cellulolytic enzymes (cellulases) and xylanases which, on the basis of sequence similarities, can be classified into families. One of these families is known as the cellulase family G [PMID: 2806912] or as the glycosyl hydrolases family 11 (GH11) [PMID: 1747104].

The GH11 domain folds into a jelly-roll shape likened to a partially closed right hand. Several anti-parallel beta-strands bend almost 90deg to produce a substrate-binding groove characteristic of the GH11 domain active sites. Two catalytic Glu residues face each other from opposite sides of the groove. The hydrolysis reaction is believed to follow a double- displacement mechanism, with one Glu residue acting as a general acid/base catalyst and the other as a nucleophile.

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