tRNA synthetases class I, catalytic domain (IPR032678)

Short name: tRNA-synt_1_cat_dom

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This entry represents the catalytic (Rossmann-fold) domain found in cysteinyl tRNA synthetases [PMID: 22184460] which is responsible for the ATP-dependent formation of the enzyme bound aminoacyl-adenylate. It contains the characteristic class I HIGH and KMSKS motifs, which are involved in ATP binding.

Cysteine-tRNA ligase (also known as cysteinyl-tRNA synthetase) (EC: is an alpha monomer and belongs to class Ia [PMID: 1992490]. It aminoacylates the 2'-OH of the nucleotide at the 3' of the appropriate tRNA. It is highly specific despite not possessing the amino acid editing activity characteristic of many other tRNA ligases [PMID: 12032090, PMID: 10704480, PMID: 12458790, PMID: 10447505, PMID: 7647112, PMID: 14665676, PMID: 7783224, PMID: 11550797, PMID: 11310981, PMID: 8274143, PMID: 2203971, PMID: 7479698].

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