KRIT, N-terminal NPxY motif-rich region (IPR032022)

Short name: NUDIX

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This domain is found in higher eukaryotes at the N terminus of KRIT1 or Krev interaction trapped proteins. It carries three NPxY-like motifs and is found to bind the integrin cytoplasmic-associated protein 1 (ICAP1). In the absence of KRIT1, ICAP1 binds via its C-terminal PH/PTB fold domain to the integrin beta-1 cytoplasmic tail. Binding of KRIT1 to ICAP1 via this domain out-competes the binding of ICAP1 to integrin cytoplasmic tails such that ICAP1 is sequestered in the nucleus. Integrin activation is thus prevented [PMID: 23317506].

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