T-superfamily conotoxin (IPR031565)

Short name: T-conotoxin

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Conotoxins are Cone snail venom bioactive peptides. The T-superfamily of conotoxins includes two types of peptides, the T-1-conotoxins group (tau-conotoxin) and the T-2-conotoxin group (chi-conotoxin). T-1-conotoxin Lt5d has been shown to inhibit voltage-gated sodium channels [PMID: 17961831]. Chi-conotoxins show a unique ability to highly selectively and non-competitively inhibit the noradrenaline transporter [PMID: 21839105]. They show an unusual cysteine-stabilised scaffold that presents a gamma-turn in an optimised conformation for high affinity interactions with the noradrenaline transporter [PMID: 19380747].

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