Conserved Site

Stathmin, conserved site (IPR030514)

Short name: Stathmin_CS


Stathmin [PMID: 1957351] (from the Greek 'stathmos' which means relay), is an ubiquitous intracellular protein, present in a variety of phosphorylated forms and which is involved in the regulation of the microtubule (MT) filament system by destabilising microtubules. It prevents assembly and promotes disassembly of microtubules.

These proteins possess a stathmin-like domain (SLD) with various N-terminal extensions. SLD is a highly conserved domain of 149 amino acid residues. Structurally, it consists of an N-terminal domain of about 45 residues followed by a 78 residue alpha-helical domain consisting of a heptad repeat coiled coil structure and a C-terminal domain of 25 residues [PMID: 15014504]. The SLD binds two tubulins arranged longitudinally, head-to-tail, in protofilament-like complexes.

This entry represents two conserved sites. The first one is a conserved decapeptide which ends with the first three residues of the coiled coil domain. The second conserved site corresponds to part of the central region of the coiled coil.

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