Schlafen-like protein 1 (IPR029667)

Short name: SLFNL1

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The Schlafen (SLFN) family includes several mouse and human member genes that have been implicated in important functions, such as the control of cell proliferation, induction of immune responses, and the regulation of viral replication [PMID: 23570387]. Mouse and human SLFN proteins are regulated by interferons (IFNs) [PMID: 23570387]. All SLFNs contain an unique Slfn box. SLFN family is comprised of 3 groups, based on the size of the encoded proteins [PMID: 15351786, PMID: 18355440, PMID: 23570387]:

  • Group1: Slfn1, Slfn2, and Slfn Like 1.
  • Group2: Slfn3, Slfn4 and Slfn12.
  • Group3: Slfn5, Slfn8-11, Slfn13 and Slfn14.

Comparing to group1 proteins, group2 and 3 proteins contain an extra SWADL domain C terminus to the AAA domain. Group3 proteins also possess a large extension C terminus to their SWADL domain. This C-terminal extension is homologous to the superfamily I of DNA/RNA helicases [PMID: 18355440].

This entry represents SlfnL1 protein. Its function is not clear.

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