Homologous Superfamily

Metallo-dependent phosphatase-like (IPR029052)

Short name: Metallo-depent_PP-like

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This entry represents a domain found in metallo-dependent phosphatases. Proteins containing this domain include:

  • Purple acid phosphatases [PMID: 10438611].
  • DNA double-strand break repair nucleases [PMID: 11371344].
  • 5'-nucleotidases (syn. UDP-sugar hydrolase).
  • Protein serine/threonine phosphatase.
  • Phosphoesterase-related proteins.
  • TT1561-like proteins.
  • YfcE-like proteins.
  • Hypothetical protein aq_1666.
  • DR1281-like proteins.
  • TTHA0625-like proteins.
  • GpdQ-like proteins.
  • ADPRibase-Mn-like proteins.

Metallophosphatases (MPPs), also known as metallophosphoesterases, phosphodiesterases (PDEs), binuclear metallophosphoesterases, and dimetal-containing phosphoesterases (DMPs), represent a diverse superfamily of enzymes with a conserved domain containing an active site consisting of two metal ions (usually manganese, iron, or zinc) coordinated with octahedral geometry by a cage of histidine, aspartate, and asparagine residues [PMID: 18757371, PMID: 25837850].

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