LIM-domain binding protein/SEUSS (IPR029005)

Short name: LIM-bd/SEUSS

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This entry includes the LIM-domain binding proteins and similar proteins, such as protein Chip from Drosophila, SEUSS from Arabidopsis and Adn1 from fission yeasts.

The LIM-domain binding protein, binds to the LIM domain of LIM homeodomain proteins which are transcriptional regulators of development. Nuclear LIM interactor (NLI) / LIM domain-binding protein 1 (LDB1) is located in the nuclei of neuronal cells during development, it is co-expressed with Isl1 in early motor neuron differentiation and has a suggested role in the Isl1 dependent development of motor neurons [PMID: 8876198]. It is suggested that these proteins act synergistically to enhance transcriptional efficiency by acting as co-factors for LIM homeodomain and Otx class transcription factors, both of which have essential roles in development [PMID: 9192866].

The Drosophila protein Chip (O18353) is required for segmentation and activity of a remote wing margin enhancer [PMID: 9334334]. Chip is a ubiquitous chromosomal factor required for normal expression of diverse genes at many stages of development. It is suggested that Chip cooperates with different LIM domain proteins and other factors to structurally support remote enhancer-promoter interactions [PMID: 9334334].

SEUSS is a transcriptional corepressor from Arabidopsis thaliana [PMID: 15277686]. SEUSS contains two glutamine-rich domains and a highly conserved domain that shares sequence identity with the dimerisation domain of the LIM-domain-binding transcription co-regulators in animals [PMID: 11782418].

Several proteins in this entry are transcriptional regulators in fungi. In fission yeasts, adhesion defective protein 1 (Adn1) is a probable transcriptional regulator involved in cell adhesion [PMID: 19542312]. In Aspergillus fumigatus, the transcriptional activator ptaB forms a complex with somA to control biofilm formation [PMID: 26529322]. In Candida albicans, MFG1 (morphogenetic regulator of filamentous growth protein 1) has a role in all morphogenetically distinct forms of filamentous growth, including invasive growth and biofilm formation, probably by forming a complex with FLO8 and MSS1 which binds the promoter of the FLO11 gene [PMID: 22984072].

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