Homologous Superfamily

Integrin alpha, N-terminal (IPR028994)

Short name: Integrin_alpha_N

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This superfamily represents a region containing the beta-propeller folds found in the N terminus of integrin alpha.

Integrins are the major metazoan receptors for cell adhesion to extracellular matrix proteins and, in vertebrates, also play important roles in certain cell-cell adhesions, make transmembrane connections to the cytoskeleton and activate many intracellular signalling pathways [PMID: 12297042, PMID: 12361595]. The integrin receptors are composed of alpha and beta subunit heterodimers. Each subunit crosses the membrane once, with most of the polypeptide residing in the extracellular space, and has two short cytoplasmic domains. Within the N-terminal domain of alpha subunits, seven sequence repeats, each of approximately 60 amino acids, have been found [PMID: 3327687].

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