Transcription factor BREVIS RADIX, N-terminal domain (IPR027988)

Short name: BRX_N

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This entry represents the N-terminal alpha-helical domain of the BREVIS RADIX (BRX), which was characterised as being a transcription factor in plants regulating the extent of cell proliferation and elongation in the growth zone of the root [PMID: 15031265, PMID: 16514016]. BRX maintains a rate-limiting brassinosteroid biosynthesis enzyme expression to keep brassinosteroid biosynthesis above a critical threshold [PMID: 19037657]. BRX has a ubiquitous, although quantitatively variable role in modulating the growth rate in both the root and the shoot [PMID: 20649916].

This entry features a short alpha-helical domain, N-terminal to the repeated alpha-helices of the BRX domain (IPR013591).

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