Homologous Superfamily

Lipoxygenase, domain 3 (IPR027433)

Short name: Lipoxygenase_dom_3

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This superfamily represents a domain found in lipoxygenases.

Lipoxygenases ([intenz:1.13.11.-]) are a class of iron-containing dioxygenases which catalyses the hydroperoxidation of lipids, containing a cis,cis-1,4-pentadiene structure. They are common in plants where they may be involved in a number of diverse aspects of plant physiology including growth and development, pest resistance, and senescence or responses to wounding. Plants express a variety of cytosolic isozymes as well as what seems to be a chloroplast isozyme [PMID: 7508918].

The iron atom in lipoxygenases is bound by four ligands, three of which are histidine residues [PMID: 8502991]. Six histidines are conserved in all lipoxygenase sequences, five of them are found clustered in a stretch of 40 amino acids. This region contains two of the three iron-ligands; the other histidines have been shown [PMID: 1567851] to be important for the activity of lipoxygenases.

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