Homologous Superfamily

Catenin binding domain superfamily (IPR027397)

Short name: Catenin_binding_dom_sf

Overlapping entries


This superfamily represents the catenin binding domain. Proteins containing this domain include cadherins, desmocollins, desmoglein and transcription factor 7-like proteins [PMID: 10080941, PMID: 11136974, PMID: 11348595, PMID: 21075118].

Cadherins and catenins play important roles in the adherents junctions in animal cells. The cadherin-catenin complex is responsible for coupling Ca(2+)-dependent intercellular junctions with actin dynamics and signalling pathways. Desmosomal cadherins are TM protein components of desmosomes (for review, see [PMID: 11509257, PMID: 12126234, PMID: 11171365]), whose extracellular cadherin repeats are responsible for adhesion and whose intracellular regions interact with intermediate filaments via desmosomal plaque proteins plakoglobin, plakobilin and desmoplakin. They are believed to play a wider role in regulation of epithelial differentiation [PMID: 12126234]. Two sub-families of desmosomal cadherin have been identified, desmocollin (DSC) and desmoglein (DSG).

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