Birnavirus VP4 protease domain (IPR025775)

Short name: Birna_VP4_Prtase_dom

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Viruses of the Birnaviridae family infect animal species belonging to vertebrates, molluscs, insects and rotifers and are characterised by their bi- segmented double-stranded RNA genome (segments A and B). Segment A encodes two overlapping reading frames and the larger open reading frame encodes a polyprotein (NH2-pVP2-VP4-VP3-COOH). The polyprotein is processed through the proteolytic activity of VP4 to generate pVP2 and VP3. During virus assembly pVP2 is further processed by VP4 to generate the capsid protein VP2 and structural peptides. Evolutionarily, the VP4 protease of the Birnaviridae family belongs to clan SJ and family S50 [PMID: 10666235, PMID: 16584747, PMID: 17553791].

The birnavirus VP4 protease domain displays a catalytic serine/lysine dyad in its active site. The birnavirus VP4 protease domain has an alpha/beta fold [PMID: 16584747, PMID: 17553791].

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