YfiR/HmsC-like (IPR025293)

Short name: YfiR/HmsC-like

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YfiR has been shown to regulate YfiN, a diguanylate cyclase and a bifunctional protein that produces c-di-GMP in response to reductive stress and then dynamically relocates to the division site to arrest cell division in response to envelope stress in Escherichia coli. YfiR may serve as a periplasmic redox sensor that regulates YfiN activity in response to reducing conditions [PMID: 25849887, PMID: 27507823].

HmsC in Yersinia Pestis is the orthologue of YfiR from E. coli [PMID: 25586342]. HmsC is a periplasmic protein that interacts directly with the periplasmic domain (PD) of HmsD and causes proteolytic degradation of HmsD, which in turn negatively regulates Y. pestis biofilm formation [PMID: 24192006].

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